My Procrastination Demon

Wednesday, November 26

"Anyone can do any amount of work, provided it isn't the work he is supposed to be doing at that moment." - by Robert Benchley

And so you are being lovingly blessed with a blog post. Because what I'm supposed to be doing is analyzing some data on antihypertensive therapy and insurance coverage. Ugh.

It all started one morning last week - let's say it was Monday. The instant I woke up, I knew my old demons had returned and I had no choice but to wave a white flag. Procrastination - you old foe - why can't you leave me be? Over coffee that morning, Mr. P reminded me of my need to avoid and my desire to start work after 10am. He also brought along some heart palpitations (or maybe that was the Twilight movie...)

You see, data analysis means I have to immerse myself in SAS (a statistical software package) that runs on a Linux platform....have I lost you? Then you can understand my pain. Ultimately, I spend my time unsure of what I'm doing and begging the resident statisticians for help. I suspect they think I'm a fool. Sometimes, when my idiocy reaches new heights, I casually name drop a difficult-to-pronounce drug. Did you see that great new study on rituximab and arthritis? How about those crazy varenicline side effects? Sure, I get a lot of confused glances and rolled eyes, but I feel better for a few beautiful minutes. Kind of like taking a diazepam....okay, I'll stop.

So, on this Wednesday of Wednesdays, inspired by the recent NY Times article on slow blogging, I'll enjoy writing this post (slowly) and then try to drop a few more drug names. Maybe I'll even get some work done.

Aptly titled image - 'The Procrastination Demon' - by 0olong

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